Our asparagus is born in Veneto both in-field and in greenhouses with a root heating system. This provides for a mild soil temperature even in the coldest months, allowing for pre-season harvest, bringing fresh quality products to your table all year round!

Why Primo.

Our asparagus is born from early-harvest cultivation methods with reduced environmental impact thanks to advanced biological techniques. The greenhouses are an ideal environment for their growth, protected from pests, pathogens and weather conditions.

Sustainable Production.

Primo Asparago is produced by Orto Veneto, an agricultural company that uses low environmental impact cultivation techniques both for its 15 hectares of open-field farming and for its greenhouses, which are heated with thermal energy from renewable fuels, in a virtuous “carbon neutral” cycle.


Primo Asparago is 100% certified organic, to always guarantee a healthy and fresh product.

Only Primo, nothing else.

The dosage of all nutrients necessary for growth is subject to strict cultivation rules and is carefully balanced considering the organoleptic properties desired. This yields delicious asparagus worked with minimal environmental impact and minimal use of non-reproducible resources.

Moreover, the asparagus is washed and processed with low bacterial sanitized water, providing customers with a healthier, hygienically advanced product.

The green asparagus, with its nutritional and beneficial properties, is a delicious and tasty cure-all.

History, tradition and beneficial properties of green asparagus.

Green asparagus has been around since ancient times: they appeared on Egyptian tables and the ancient Romans left many traces of their passion for the vegetable in literature. Today, the most enthusiastic asparagus fans are cooks and gastronomes. The difference in color, whether green, white or purple, depends on the cultivation conditions, specifically linked to their exposure to light.


Italy is the third largest producer in Europe after Germany and Spain. As soon as the shoots emerge from the ground, when they are most tender, the green asparagus are harvested. Delayed collection results in a loss of flavor and tenderness. The harvesting period in Italy usually begins in April. It is possible to early-harvest during particularly hot seasons or, as for Primo Asparago, through the use of greenhouses and root heating techniques.

Nutritional and Beneficial Properties

While asparagus is said to be a natural medicine, we think of it as a delight rather than a cure. Regardless of the perspective, it’s safe to say they are a concentrate of health and should not be missing from your menu!

Green asparagus are detoxifying, draining and perfect for slimming or rebalancing diets. They are rich in vegetable fiber, folic acid, mineral salts, phosphorus and vitamins, especially A, C and E. They also contain antioxidants and thus help counteract the aging process. Regular asparagus consumption can reduce blood sugar levels and help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Asparagus is also rich in glutathione, a substance that can help detox the body and eliminate harmful substances and free radicals: this is why the consumption of asparagus is also recommended for cancer prevention. The amino acid called “asparagine” also acts as a natural diuretic – removing excess sodium in our bodies – while the high potassium content regulates blood pressure. Green asparagus is suitable for the prevention of diseases of both the nervous and cardiovascular system.